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Executive Edge. What is it exactly?

We ask thousands of people a year and get a variety of answers— what sets you apart? Is it your presence, the way you carry yourself? What gives you the edge over someone else? When we ask people to describe exactly what Executive Edge is and how you obtain it, most people do not know how you get it and how you really describe what it is. Make sure to go take our online assessment to find out your Executive Edge.

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More than ever before, our clients are including Executive Edge or Executive Presence in their competencies. In order to be promoted, it is a necessary competency. The problem is, how do you train for something you are having a hard time identifying, when you are not sure what the behaviors are that describe the competency? The thousands of people whom we work with every day and who sign up for our Executive Edge sessions want very specific outcomes. Where are you in your career? Do any of these outcomes match what you’re looking to achieve?

  •  To get promoted
  • To appear more as a leader
  • To know how to build a road map and plan for more visibility
  • To learn better presence
  • To build a strategy to increase comfort in executive situations
  • To build self-confidence

What we know for sure is that in today’s competitive world, you have to have Executive Edge if you want to get ahead in your career. Ultimately, the question is, why do some people get ahead while others do not?

After working with more than 100,000 people over the last 22 years and after studying the research, we’ve concluded that the answer is simple, yet not simple enough to overcome. There are two sides of the coin: one side constitutes technical and job skills, and the other is interpersonal skills. Both are important in the workplace, but once you have the competencies or the ability to learn them, your interpersonal skills become critical and are actually more important.

Adapted from Enhancing Your Executive Edge – How To Develop The Skills To Lead And Succeed

For over two decades, Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston have built successful, highly customized coaching training programs for Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Recognized experts in business protocol, branding, leadership development, and presentation and communication skills, as well as customer service and sales training,

They are the authors of Enhancing Your Executive Edge – How To Develop The Skills To Lead And Succeed, “You Did What?” The Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make and “You Said What?” The Biggest Communication Mistakes Professionals Make.

For more information, visit their website at To take an Executive Edge assessment, please visit

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