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MSNBC Interview

It is 10:00 AM on a Monday morning. Alex finds herself sitting in a bleak conference room staring at a clock. She runs over her to do list in her head; there are so many things that she has to accomplish today. While she is siting there, with a glazed look in her eye, her office’s weekly meeting is being conducted around her. She becomes irritated as people talk over each other. Nobody seems to have a point. One woman complains about the mess in the office microwave, another man asks for thoughts on this month’s productivity report. “Who is running this thing?”Alex thinks to herself as she wishes that the clock would strike 11:00.

How many times do we find ourselves feeling like Alex, sitting in a meeting that we think is a waste of time? According to a recent study by Microsoft corp, we are not alone in this sentiment. They found that on average people in the U.S. spend 5.5 hours each week in meetings; 71% feel that meetings aren’t productive.

What a waste of time! In this economy time is money. There has never been a greater need for efficiently run meetings.

MSNBC’s talk show,”Your Business,” hosted by JJ Ramberg, focuses on the world of America’s small business entrepreneurs, featuring profiles, news, advice and tips. They came to Image Dynamics and asked Kim Zoller how and why we should conduct efficient and productive meetings.

Some of the items Kim will discuss with JJ include:

  • Effective agendas
  • Effective facilitation
  • Effective and individualized action plans

To hear more about conducting effective meetings, you can tune in to watch Kim Zoller on MSNBC’s “Your Business” Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 7:30 AM EST/6:30 AM CST.