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Ever heard music that made your hair stand up? That electric sound is a product of teamwork, talent, and leadership. We can help your business harness that same kinetic energy by providing custom curricula and trainings.

Our Process

Hair-raising success starts with a tried-and-true process, which we’ve developed over 25+ years. This is ID360’s specialized “Ways of Work.” Our holistic approach provides focus and flexibility, which ensures that our custom curricula and trainings deliver the results that optimally grow your skills and business.

Solutions - Our Process


ID360 works in partnership to change competency levels and behaviors to meet your accelerating initiatives. Through listening, learning and observing, we collaborate with you and your team to hone in on the most difficult challenges as well as your most valuable capabilities.


We design multidimensional programs built out of a deep bank of innovative strategies, global experience and a broad range of expertise. Collectively our team of experts create customized solutions to fit your needs by providing; assessments, experiential learning and interactive training, curricula development, and coaching.

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We address each facet of success—communication, leadership, culture, awareness, and diversity. We help individuals and teams expand their perspectives and drive toward a common goal. This creates an environment conducive for peak performance.

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Throughout our process, we spotlight the desired measurable results and ideal goals with a careful eye on long-term growth. We collect data before, during and after in order to evaluate progress along the way.


Quantitative and qualitative data continuously feed into our process, which helps us refine the curricula. This results in a sustainable framework with a “toolbank” of techniques that individuals and teams can utilize long after the program is over.

Our Angles of Success

Using world-class orchestras as a model, we identify the essential elements for reaching peak success. We work with you to define your goals and your organization’s goals. We then enhance and fine-tune those elements to create a true masterpiece.

Solutions - Angles of Success Orchestra

Communication: Effective communication is crucial for top performance and achieving objectives. When one musician misses a cue, it affects the process and outcome. When everyone is in tune, the shared rhythm reverberates to achieve the desired result.

Common Goal: An upcoming performance creates a common goal for a team. A shared goal breaks down barriers and allows people to collaborate, listen to each other and work in harmony.

Trust & Understanding: An orchestra is not just a collection of skilled musicians—it’s a community of accountable individuals who rely on each other to achieve success.

Culture: Over time, every orchestra develops its own distinct sound. With the right training and discipline, people come together, build energy from each other and truly create a unique sound. The sum of attitude and beliefs impacts how people communicate, work and make decisions.

Diversity: Changing the mix of instruments can shift the listener’s perspective, which can make familiar songs sound wonderfully unexpected. Diversity cultivates innovation and creativity.


Executive Leadership: The First Chair is an accomplished musician who sets the example. He or she drives toward the common goal and motivates everyone to stay on task. This requires credibility, reliability, and presence.

Depth: Orchestras need leadership at every level. The conductor cues the entire group, and section leaders provide ongoing support specific to their respective instrument and skills.

Core: To be able to lead others, we have to be able to lead ourselves—to play our instrument with mastery and lead others by example without a title.


Awareness: Self-awareness facilitates the mastery of an instrument. Awareness of others helps create masterful sound as a team. Building self and social awareness and management is the foundation for personal effectiveness.

Influence: Even if you’re not the conductor, you still can influence others and make a positive impact. From utilizing your talents and skills, you can build relationships and cause a change in thought or action.

Presentation: As a performer, a musician needs to project confidence in order to make an impact on others. Being able to present oneself with confidence, clarity and courage comes from having positive self-talk, growth mindset and clear communication.

We develop our trainings and simulations to address a person’s emotional and psychological systems as well as his or her experiences, which is why we consider the brain’s impact on behavior.

Solutions - Angles of Success Orchestra


The conductor could be the CEO or other leaders, but in some cases it’s important to bring in an outside expert perspective to guide the team in order to achieve peak performance. That’s where ID360 comes in.

Like a conductor, we approach the process and people from a holistic perspective.

We drive future-forward thinking and innovation through disruption.

We interpret, plan and facilitate the execution of the ultimate vision or outcome.

We lead the necessary dynamic changes within a group and process.

A few cases that prove the value ID360 can bring to your team.

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