Executive Vice President Harriet Whiting has been with ID360 for over two decades and is passionate about helping people reach their highest potential. Harriet has extensive experience in medical administration and global consulting. Her wealth of experience has made her a specialist in communication, personal business development, change management and process reorganization.

Harriet has developed a clientele of top-level executives from her management mentoring and coaching acumen. This has paved the way for lasting client relationships which include: American Airlines, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Texas Utilities, Capgemini, Oncor, Federal Reserve Bank, Cerner Corporation, World Bank, Albertsons and Texas Instruments. Through Harriet’s direction, these clients continue to experience measurable achievements in their positions.

Harriet’s diverse experience in the global market has contributed to her continued success. In addition to chairing global organizational annual meetings, she has instituted innovative processes to benefit global companies such as Cerner and Philips International. Harriet’s global leadership extends to the medical field, serving hospitals and institutions such as UT Southwestern.

Harriet is currently co-authoring her first book, specializing in business “tools” to teach the “how” of accomplishing specific competency levels, effective communication, and success when working with teams.

She is also a certified facilitator with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, USA.


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