CEO and founder Kim Zoller began ID360 (formerly Image Dynamics) 25 years ago after working in the staffing industry. Kim recognized that individuals who had strong competencies but lacked strong interpersonal skills needed to develop that area if they truly wanted to succeed.

Kim’s strength is her ability to be a true strategic partner by assessing needs, delivering sustainable solutions and implementing measurable results. She is also a dynamic facilitator and coach. Kim’s passion and goal is to make a positive and measurable impact in her clients’ lives.

From ID360’s perceptiveness and outcome-driven approach, their clients are able to become better-developed leaders.

ID360’s client roster includes notable clients such as GameStop, Dun & Bradstreet, Microsoft, Vans, Mattel, World Bank Group, American Airlines, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota Financial Services, and Moët Hennessy.

Kim is also on the faculty at Naveen Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas, where she writes and manages an online certificate course, Professional Edge. She is also a contributor to other undergraduate, MBA and law school programs at a variety of universities, including Columbia College-Fort Worth, The University of Texas at Austin, Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University.

Kim is co-author with Kerry Preston of three professional success books — “Enhancing Your Executive Edge: How to Develop the Skills to Lead and Succeed,” “You Did What?! The Biggest Blunders Professionals Make,” and “You Said What?! The Biggest Communication Mistakes Professionals Make.”

Throughout the years, Kim and ID360 have caught the attention of national media, including CNN, CNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, American Way, and Dallas Morning News, among others.

Since 1992, Kim and her team has trained over 200,000 individuals.


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