The Secret Of New Ideas 1

Your Next Big Idea

Organizations do not innovate, people do. Organizations that produce yearly innovations are not hiring differently, they are managing differently.

1.  Communicating Ideation

Communication is the basic building block of innovation. Properly sharing your ideas with colleagues will spark discussion, exchange thoughts, and provide a new perspective. This can lead to improved results. To further improve communication dynamics; encourage team members to work in small teams and open cube arrangements. Rather than working in individual spaces, open office plans can build indirect communication skills among colleagues.

2.   Building a Team

Select or encourage people who understand your vision and align with your culture. Teams that share common values help the organization run smoothly. Matching personalities and generational ideals help the mechanics of a functioning organization. When team members are able to connect on a personal level, they are more likely to connect on a professional level. Engage people who have passion for what they do. Add team members who will enhance your product or service. Their excitement will empower creative thinking.

3.   Breaking Down Barriers

Leadership/Management serves a number of daily roles when working with their team. There is a fine line between being a friend and being the boss. Upper management must be approachable and available to a certain degree to encourage outside the box thinking. Strong inter-office relationships across management levels enable organizations to function on a high and efficient level. Innovation can come from all company levels.

4.   Be willing to take a risk

More innovative concepts have been produced from failure than from success. By evaluating the mistakes of others, history can provide a blueprint for future innovation. Risk assessment is a multi-billion dollar industry. True innovation is a bi-product of creative thinking and execution. The risk lies in the execution. How could your business process be improved? Track your progress and evaluate whether or not your workflow became more efficient. You might just be recognized for installing new company protocol.

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